Success Story: Pedaling With Hands

Gracie; UgandaWEEPs first came to Gracie in 2011. She is a widow with several children and is severely physically challenged. When I first visited Gracie, she lived in a very small mud hut. We sat on her floor as she began to tell me her story. I looked around and there was nothing but her children and her in the house. There were no beds or dishes and certainly no food. I thought to myself how does one survive? We soon learned that she liked selling fish; but, had a difficult time doing so because of her legs.

We started Gracie in business that day and made sure that WEEPs assisted her with a bicycle that would enable her to get around pedaling with her hands. She was so grateful for all the help.

Gracie in her bicycle that can be operated by hand.

Gracie in her bicycle that can be operated by hand.

In 2012, we returned to see Gracie and she was doing very well. As a result of WEEPs, she was able to not only support herself; but, was also able to provide for her children. She built a new house and even purchased mattresses to sleep on. Gracie’s life had been changed and she was not only a great business woman she was a great mother. The value of her life changed dramatically.

In 2013, I went to visit Gracie again. She was full of life. As I drove up, she was outside in her own vegetable fields harvesting corn. Gracie’s physical limitation is just a physical one. As a result of WEEPs, her heart and life knows no limitation as she continues not only as a business woman but an example for everyone in her village.