Women Entering Entrepreneurial PartnershipS

WEEPs International is an organization birthed out of many trips to Uganda, Africa.  We have toured many regions of this nation and found the same challenges which are in many parts of the world.  Poverty, disease and despair have ravaged a country that was already plundered by decades of war, leaving behind countless widows, orphans, and vulnerable women.

Our purpose is to help equip widows and vulnerable women with the means to enter into business for themselves enabling them to support their families and live self-sustaining lives and ultimately conquering poverty throughout the third world.

Women are pre-selected and educated on business. We do not discriminate based on religious affiliation or personal physical challenges. The women are monitored on a regular basis by WEEPs personnel in that country.


After empowering our first widow in 2008, success stories like these continually are rolling in.
The statistics are proof that WEEPs makes a difference in the lives of these women and their families!
  • Over 300 widows and vulnerable women put into business across Uganda and Kenya.
  • 86% of all women put into business have been successful and are still in business.
Spring 2013


Dr. Karen Spano – Founder

Dr. Karen Spano, WEEPs International FounderDr. Karen Spano is originally from upstate New York and currently resides in Plano, Texas.  She is the founder of Zion Life Diplomat Center established in 2002. Additionally, she created WEEPs International in 2007, an organization assisting widows and vulnerable women in Entrepreneurial opportunities in third world countries.

Dr. Spano was commissioned and licensed to the ministry in 1997.  She and Zion Life Diplomat Center are ordained under the late Dr. Myles Munroe and International Third World Leadership Association (ITWLA), Nassau Bahamas. Dr. Spano travels throughout different parts of the world bringing the message of hope and purpose along with assisting widows, orphans, and vulnerable women.

Her passion has led her over the years to touch lives of those individuals that few would consider reaching out to.  In 2006, she adopted a nine year old Ugandan orphan and became a mom for the first time. This experience has allowed Dr. Spano to know and experience firsthand the plight of vulnerable children around our world.  Furthermore, it has ignited a passion within her to reach the fatherless around the world.

Dr. Spano has dedicated her life as an agent of change to the growth and development of local society as well as social transformation in the nations of the world.