Success Story: Pedaling With Hands

Gracie; UgandaWEEPs first came to Gracie in 2011. She is a widow with several children and is severely physically challenged. When I first visited Gracie, she lived in a very small mud hut. We sat on her floor as she began to tell me her story. I looked around and there was nothing but her children and her in the house. There were no beds or dishes and certainly no food. I thought to myself how does one survive? We soon learned that she liked selling fish; but, had a difficult time doing so because of her legs.

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Success Story: Multiplying Mushrooms

Grace, October 2013WEEPs first met Grace in the slums of Kampala, Uganda in 2012. She was a widow living in poverty inside one of the biggest slums in Kampala. Her house was very small and I sat with her she told me her story. Grace had been widowed with two children and struggling to stay alive. She had a small business of growing and drying mushrooms that she would crush into powder and make different products from. Grace was faithful with what she had but it was not enough to be self-sustaining and give the future she wanted to her children. [Read more…]

Success Story: Kachunga Island, Lake Victoria Uganda

We first started working on this island in 2006 bringing necessary food and education. The children on this island are mostly orphans. HIV and starvation have destroyed the livelihood of many that live there. This island on Lake Victoriahas a population of only a few thousand; however, is 95% HIV positive. Known for fishing, this small island has no other industry and faces hunger on a daily basis.

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Success Story: Widow in the Slums of Kampala


Another one of our success stories involves a widow and her two sons who live in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.  Prior to WEEPs putting her into business, she and her family lived every day wondering where their next meal would come from.  Adding to her daily challenge of existence was that one of her sons had special needs; however, there was no one to meet his need. Her other son had frequent medical problems due to poor nutrition.

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Success Story: Momma Helena, First WEEPs Success


[Background Information:  Momma Helena, 90 years of age at the time she began in the WEEPs program, is a widow with two disabled sons.  Additionally, she is responsible for six orphans that belonged to her daughters’.  In total she supports 56 children of her family. Furthermore, she had no source of income and no hope for any in the future. She relied on people giving her a few coins and with that she fed her family no matter how little it was.]

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